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DocCheck Jobs is the job board for physicians, pharmacists and other medical professions. With our convenient job search you can easily filter suitable offers by profession, speciality and position. We provide advice for employers who are looking for health care professionals and support them with targeted recruiting opportunities in the biggest health care community.

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Everyone can access the job offers or candidate profiles. However, you need a DocCheck password to place job offers or to create your own profile. You can get the password here for free.

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You can publish basic job offers at "For employers" > "Job administration". Click on "New job offer" and fill out the form. At "Status" you can decide whether you want to publish your job ad immediately or later. Once you have entered all the data, click "Save". You can now view your job offer at "For employers" > "job administration" and edit it any time.

The publication of premium job offers at DocCheck Jobs and in the DocCheck Community is done by our team. Just send us your designed job advertisement (PDF or HTML format) and we will publish it right away. Please find our price list in our Media Data.

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Basic job ads (plain text version, publication done by you personally) are free of charge.

Premium job ads (designed job ad in PDF or HTML format) are published in the DocCheck job board and the DocCheck Community by our team with costs. Please refer to the price list in our Media Data.

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Every month you can publish a certain amount of basic job advertisements for free. On the right side at "For employers" > "Job administration" you can check how many job advertisements you have published so far. If you would like to publish more job advertisements, you can book an additional package there.

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You decide when the job advertisement is published. When filling out the form, you can choose "published" under "Status" and the job advertisement is published immediately. If you want to activate the job advertisement later, choose the option "inactive". You can change the status any time at "For employers" > "Job administration".

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In addition to the publication of job ads, we offer other marketing opportunities, e.g. the TopJob placement. The TopJob placement means that your job advertisement will be at the top of our job board for a whole month. If you book this option individually, it costs 199 Euros. Combined with a premium job advertisement, this option only costs 99 Euros. Other interesting opportunities are the publication of your job advertisement in our newsletter (up to 200.000 recipients) or the targeted distribution via eMail to your target group (selectable by profession, speciality and region). You find more information in our Media Data. We look forward to giving you advice!

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First you log on with your DocCheck password. If you don't have a password yet, please register here for free!

When you find a job offer you like, just click on the "Apply now" button. You can then write your message and, if applicable, attach more application documents.

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You can edit your user data and email settings here.

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Yes, you can also apply for a job offer without a DocCheck Profile. However, attaching the community profile offers you the possibility to present yourself even more notably in a job application.

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Just click on "Bookmark" in the detailed view of a job offer or candidate profile. The respective offer will be saved automatically in your watchlist. You can find your bookmarked jobs at "For candidates" in the box "Your bookmarked job offers". The bookmarked candidates can be found at "For employers" > "Job administration" in the box "Your bookmarked candidates".

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To use DocCheck Jobs in your browser, JavaScript should be activated and you should allow cookies. You can change your settings in "Edit", "Settings", respectively "Internet Options". Without JavaScript and Cookies some pages do not work and form data cannot be validated correctly.

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If our answers to frequently asked questions have  not helped you, please write us an email. We will take care of your problem as soon as possible!

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